Important New Information re the Aviation services at Bruntingthorpe - Updated 30.6.2020

Cox Automotive UK has recently been contacted about Aviation issues relating to the Bruntingthorpe site. We therefore wanted to share some background on the issue and provide an update to any interested parties.


“In March 2020, Cox Automotive UK acquired 100% of the share capital of C Walton Ltd (CWL). As part of this deal, Cox Automotive UK acquired CWL’s vehicle services business which operates from three locations in Bruntingthorpe (Leicestershire), Wyton (Cambridgeshire) and Long Bennington (Lincolnshire) plus CWL’s proving ground and events businesses which are also located at Bruntingthorpe.


“Cox Automotive is an automotive services business with no businesses or expertise within the aerospace sector. Following the completion of the acquisition, the Aviation business and the Cold War Jets Museum at Bruntingthorpe were closed and will not re-open.  


“We recognise that this concern some aviation enthusiasts, and also appreciate the historic value of a number of the aircraft currently located on the site. However, it has never been the intention of Cox Automotive UK to scrap any of these planes and, as part of our deal, CWL is contractually responsible for these aircraft not Cox Automotive UK.


“Cox Automotive UK is working with Mr David Walton, one of the previous owners/directors of CWL, who is responsible for all matters relating to Aviation on the Bruntingthorpe site. Mr Walton is also responsible for engaging and working with any stakeholders on the site who may have been impacted as a consequence of the sale to Cox Automotive. Clearly, this is a complex and sensitive process given the number of aircraft on the site, and the diverse ownership of these.


“We are unable to comment on any specific aircraft or individual stakeholders impacted at this time, and this is being progressed by Mr Walton. However, we understand that Mr Walton is currently investigating the construction of new buildings to house some of the aviation collection and to safeguard their future on land on the Bruntingthorpe site that is excluded from the Cox Automotive UK lease.


“Any progress or updates on aviation issues at Bruntingthorpe will be released by Mr Walton. However, anyone wanting further information about aviation-related queries at Bruntingthorpe are encouraged to contact Mr Walton direct on [email protected].


“Cox Automotive UK is also engaging with stakeholders on site and ensuring that access to the site is appropriately maintained and managed in line with current Government guidance.”


Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire is the current home of C Walton Limited, Manheim Auctions, Big Thunder Events, Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground and the Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome, featuring the iconic Cold War Jets Collection as well as a number of other automotive businesses. All situated within the 670-acre site, there is something to meet the needs of each of our customers. Our wide range of facilities allow us to cater for any type of event, from the standard to the obscure, and thanks to our 3.2km straight, Bruntingthorpe still operates as an active airfield.

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