Cox Automotive UK enters vehicle services market

Cox Automotive UK, a leading automotive services group, has today announced the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of C Walton Ltd (CWL), one of the UK’s key providers of vehicle services for manufacturers, fleet operators, dealers and daily rental companies.

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Scale to meet your future needs

Our geographic footprint and the size of our locations allows Bruntingthorpe Integrated Automotive Solutions (B.I.A.S) to support our clients both now and in the future. We understand the peaks and troughs of the automotive industry and can provide long and short term solutions. We will continue to expand our locations and services available to support the growing demand for mass vehicle handling both in the preparation of new and used vehicles

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Seamless Integration

In today’s connected world IT solutions which are versatile and secure with high levels of integration capabilities are key, that’s why we develop and manage our systems in house. Our clients benefit from real time inventory managements solutions that provide detailed data analytics and allow seamless transfer with multiple platforms

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Where Quality and Efficiency Combine

By staying at the forefront of technical services technology and operational workflow best practise, we ensure that we process vehicles in the optimum timeframes, reducing costs and downtime for our clients. Quality sits at the heart of our solutions,  and we understand that our quality finish is a reflection of our clients brand supporting the building of trust and confidence

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Protecting Our Planet

We care about the environment and the impacts of our activities, however by operating Green Tech refurbishment solutions we are using 75% less energy, and by providing centres of excellence with complete vehicle solution services including remarketing, we are supporting a reduction in the number of vehicles movements.

Talk to us about how to calculate your carbon offsetting

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Experts in the field of de-fleet management. At B.I.A.S., we provide comprehensive de-fleet services for small and large corporate customers. We understand the complexities of preparing a commercial fleet for resale or auction, and are fully equipped with a 125,000 sq. ft. centre to ensure the...


Quality maintenance for cars at B.I.A.S. Vehicles need regular maintenance when kept in storage to ensure they continue to run smoothly once back on the road. At B.I.A.S., we’re committed to ensuring any vehicle kept on our site is well cared for until collected or delivered to its next...

In Life Services

Delivering quality to the nation. At B.I.A.S., we pride ourselves on outstanding performance and customer service. We have a range of additional services to complement our fleet management process, including a reliable logistics network. We own a fleet of transporters, all less than a year old...


A convenient location for long-term vehicle storage. Situated within the Leicestershire countryside, just 6 miles from the M1, we are perfectly placed to serve the entire UK. Bruntingthorpe boasts 670-acres of land, of which 125 acres are hard-standing to accommodate for cars, trucks and HGV...


B.I.A.S In Numbers

Situated within Bruntingthorpe’s 670-acre site, B.I.A.S. has grown to become one of the UK’s largest provider of automotive storage and logistics services. Let our impressive statistics speak for themselves.

50k sq. ft.

refurbishment suite


vehicle auction capabilities


vehicle storage spaces

100 acres

of hard standing ground


dispatch lanes



B.I.A.S In Numbers image

Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire is the home of Cox Automotive Vehicle Solutions, Manheim Vehicle Services, Manheim Auction Services and Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground. Situated within a 670-acre site, Cox Automotive customers and vehicle manufacturers, finance companies and dealers can access the extensive proving ground facilities at Bruntingthorpe which range from vehicle testing through to vehicle launches, media events and dealer training.

ISO 9001 Certified (BIAS)